Irwin J. Shorr, the owner of Weigh and Measure, LLC, is a nutritionist with a Master of Public Health in Nutrition from the UCLA School of Public Health and a Master of Professional Studies in International Development with a major in International Nutrition from Cornell University.

Irwin is a Senior Scientist at The Bloomberg School of Public Health at The Johns Hopkins University where he teaches parts of nutrition assessment courses. He has extensive hands-on experience having worked in 38 countries worldwide over the past 40 years in nutrition assessment and evaluation, growth monitoring and anthropometric training for a variety of organizations and institutions, universities, governments, NGOs and PVOs, international and UN agencies. He has written several anthropometry training manuals including “How To Weigh And Measure Children” for the United Nations (New York, 1986). He also designed and produces a variety of anthropometry measuring instruments.

With Irwin’s in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in anthropometry, Weigh and Measure offers a full line of training and consulting services in the US and worldwide, including:

  • Anthropometry survey design, preparation, planning, data analysis, and writing
  • Anthropometric training
  • Training manual design
  • On-site seminars and workshops
Irwin J. Shorr, MPH, MPS conducting a class
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