Infant/Child/Adult ShorrBoard® ICA Measuring Board / Single

ICA ShorrBoard 1
Optional Carry Case
Carrying ShorrBoards
ICA ShorrBoard 1
Optional Carry Case
Carrying ShorrBoards

Infant/Child/Adult ShorrBoard® ICA Measuring Board / Single


  • 203 cm x 0.1 cm / 80 inch x 1/8 inch
  • Original portable height-length measuring board
  • For ALL ages:  Infants, children and adults
  • Easy assembly and disassembly for transport
  • Auto-Lock sliding head/foot-piece stays where positioned
  • Available in Inches, Centimeters or Combo (inches and centimeters)
  • Choose ICA2 for economy of shipping 2 Infant/Child/Adult ShorrBoards® in 1 box
♦ RECOMMENDED ShorrBoard® Carry Case



Optional ShorrBoard® Case * 

Weather-resistant, 1000 denier Cordura nylon, fully lined and padded with thick foam, adjustable removable shoulder strap, large YKK zippers on the case and large exterior pocket. Fits both model ShorrBoards®.

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This option is for 1 Infant/Child/Adult ShorrBoard® ICA.  For economy of shipping multipiece orders ship 2 ShorrBoards® in 1 box. To order equal numbers of multiple Infant/Child/Adult ShorrBoards®, choose ICA2, or mix and match as needed.

The original, convertible Infant/Child/Adult ShorrBoard® Measuring Board measures all ages:  The recumbent length of infants less than 2 years of age laying down and the standing height of children 2 years of age, older children and adults. High quality hardwoods have a weather-resistant finish that makes the ShorrBoard® Measuring Board extremely strong and durable.

The Auto-Lock head/footpiece effortlessly slides smoothly up and down the ShorrBoard® Measuring Board. No knobs to turn! The head/footpiece instantly locks automatically in position above the subject’s head for standing height or at the child’s feet when taking recumbent length measurement. The user’s hands are left free to position the subject.

The custom-made ShorrBoard® measuring tape affixes securely to the measuring board with permanent adhesive to withstand extreme use and climatic conditions. The easy-to-read measuring scale of the custom ShorrBoard® tape is clearly printed in Inches, Centimeters or Combo (inches and centimeters). Choose the custom-made ShorrBoard® measuring tape to best suit your needs.  Product numbers ICAe (inches), ICAm (centimeters) and ICAd (inches and centimeters).

ShorrBoard® Measuring Boards are in use in more than 120 countries worldwide for more than 30 years by a variety of US and international organizations, institutions, government agencies, research and health organizations, NGOs/PVOs, air and relief/humanitarian organizations, WIC clinics, etc.  The ShorrBoard® Measuring Board has a proven worldwide track record for accuracy and durability in the field. The ShorrBoard® Measuring Board is the original portable height-length measuring board, which was designed and developed by company owner Irwin J. Shorr, MPH, MPS, more than 35 years ago. ShorrBoard® is the registered trademark of Weigh and Measure, LLC.

When ordered at the same time, ShorrBoard® Carry Cases pack in the same boxes with ShorrBoards®.

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE. Contact us for volume discounts and international shipping costs.

Capacity: 203 cm x 0.1 cm / 80 inches x 1/8 inch
Features: Compactable, three-piece wood board; Auto-Lock head/footpiece; braided nylon shoulder strap
Measuring units: Choice of measuring tape (in, cm or in/cm)
Weight: 5.9 kg / 13 lb

This is the 1-Pack option, 1 Infant/Child/Adult ShorrBoard® per box. Multipiece orders ship 2 ShorrBoards® in 1 box; for 2 Infant/Child/Adult ShorrBoards®, order the 2-pack Infant/Child/Adult ShorrBoard® Measuring Board / 2-Pack

When ordered at the same time, ShorrBoard® Carry Cases pack in the same boxes with ShorrBoards®.

Click to Download the Infant/Child/Adult ShorrBoard® PDF

The durable, weather-resistant ShorrBoard® Carry Case is strongly recommended for protection and transport in the field. Purchase the ShorrBoard® Carry Case at the same time as the ShorrBoard® for a special discounted price – and there’s no additional freight cost, since the ShorrBoard® packs in the Carry Case for shipping

Click to Download the ShorrBoard® Carry Case PDF

ShorrBoard® Warranty:

ShorrBoards® carry a one-year limited manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defect, with repair or replacement as authorized and determined by the manufacturer. Warranty excludes improper assembly or disassembly, improper handling/care, misuse, dropping, knocking, and storage, calibration, measuring tapes, moving pieces, and all shipping and associated costs.

Any damage reported must be documented with digital photos for us to evaluate the nature and extent of the damage. Shipping costs for replacement or repair of ShorrBoards® in or out of warranty are the responsibility of the customer, and international customers are also responsible for additional importing fees, including customs, duties, taxes, etc.

Must be returned in Original Packaging.

General warranty, returns and exchange information here


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