Shorr SmoothSlide© Infantometer / Single


Shorr SmoothSlide© Infantometer / Single


  • 41-inch (101 cm) range
  • Accurate — Reliable — Durable
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • No sharp edges (rounded corners)
  • Feather-touch, smooth-sliding footpiece for effortless movement
  • Easy to use — Easy to read — Easy to Clean
  • For 2 infantometers shipping in 1 box, order the SSRL2



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The Shorr SmoothSlide© Infantometer is a length measuring board that is used to measure the recumbent length of infants and babies up to 24 months; and is among the Shorr SmoothSlide© line of clinic-based measuring instruments designed by company owner Irwin J. Shorr, MPH, MPS. The Shorr SmoothSlide© Infantometer’s most noteworthy features include its design, durability and functionality.

The infantometer is made of high-quality synthetic material – NO VENEERS – and, as a result, it is very durable and can withstand heavy-duty, high-traffic use. Although it is a very solid one-piece construction, it is light enough to move from room to room. Consequently, the Shorr SmoothSlide© Infantometer is a perfect addition to any busy clinical setting.

This option is for a single infantometer.  For economy of shipping two (2) SmoothSlide© Infantometers can ship in 1 box; order the SSRL2.

We ship worldwide. Contact us for volume discounts and international shipping.

CAPACITY: 40″ x 1/8″ / 101 cm x 0.1 cm
WEIGHT: 17 lbs / 7.72 kg

– Child-friendly design: The infantometer has rounded corners to prevent injury to a child (no sharp corners).
– Stability: Place the infantometer on the flat exam surface (table or counter); the non-skid rubber feet prevent the infantometer from moving while a child is on the board.
– Custom measuring tape: Choose Inches, Centimeters or Combo (inches and centimeters)
– Easy to use: The “feather-touch” footpiece slides effortlessly along the SmoothSlide© Infantometer to the base of the child’s feet.
– Easy to read: The measuring scale is printed clearly on the custom-made measuring tape. Read the child’s length directly at the arrow marked on the footpiece.
– Easy to clean: Simply wipe the Shorr SmoothSlide© Infantometer with a clean damp cloth and wipe again with a clean dry cloth. Tip: Use only alcohol-free cleaners.

– single-piece, full-length backboard
– 3/4-inch solid polyethylene
– no veneers
– smooth-sliding headpiece
– no sharp edges (rounded corners)

Shorr SmoothSlide© products are made in the USA

Multi-piece orders pack 2 SmoothSlide© Infantometers in a 1 box for shipping. Order Shorr SmoothSlide

SmoothSlide© Warranty: Limited 1-year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defect, with repair or replacement, as determined by manufacturer. Any damage reported must be documented with digital photos for us to determine the nature and extent of the damage. Warranty does not cover damage due to usage, nor does it cover any shipping costs, which are the responsibility of the customer. MUST BE RETURNED IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING.

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